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Background Checks

Powers Investigations provides both civil and criminal background investigations.  We also conduct searches for pre-marital checks, address history, and other verification reasons. We also conduct business and corporate background investigations. We take extra care to establish that the background information is accurate and current.  Unlike inexpensive 3rd party data providers, we spend extra time and effort to establish a person's identity before releasing highly private and personal information.background investigations

A civil records search can reveal the following information:  judgments, liens, civil suits, tax liens, bankruptcy, and child support judgments.  Civil record searches can be run at the local, state, national, and federal levels.

A criminal records search can uncover the current and past criminal history of the subject.  Such records generally indicate the date of arrest, case number, charge, and the disposition.  County criminal records can be accessed for all 50 states.  On the state level, there are approximately 32 states that allow investigators access to their records.  State criminal record searches are more time consuming and consequently more expense to investigate than county records.

We also conduct business background investigations and searches.  There are virtually no restrictions in regard to obtaining background and financial credit information on businesses and corporations as opposed to individuals.  A business background investigation would reveal such items as legal business name, size, type, ownership, principal officers, business locations, holdings, interests, identify assets and liabilities, suppliers, vendors, employees, customers, gross sales, credit profiles, and litigation issues.

Some of the records we research are:

  • Civil Court Records

  • Address History

  • Judgments

  • Criminal Court Records

  • Restraining Orders

  • Family Law Records

  • Fictitious Business Names

  • Business Listings

  • Affiliations

  • Relatives

  • Photos

  • Real Estate Records

  • Bankruptcies

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